Understand the Market

Our corporate education sessions, which range from half a day to a week or more, provide enterprises an in-depth understanding of a wide of subjects, including:

  • Vendor offerings – What is actually included in various technology platforms?
  • Pricing – What can we expect to pay for various WCM, CXM, or DAM products?
  • Post-purchase support – How do we craft an implementation strategy?
  • Understanding technology – What are the fundamentals of content management, customer experience management, and digital asset management?
  • Technology selection – How should we go about choosing a technology platform? When is it time to migrate from our current technology?
  • Resource intensity – How do we calculate long-term TCO and ROI?
  • Cutting through industry jargon – Are particular vendors claims true?  Should we take certain industry trends seriously?

These are but a few common questions that we address in our educational seminars, which can be customized for an individual CxO or an entire group or department.



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