OpenText Proof-of-Concept

Sometimes, clients’ questions for a vendor proof-of-concept are a bit out of control.  But here are a few legitimate concerns from a recent engagement:

  • Can we create custom metatags?
  • When previewing changes in staging, will we have the ability to view by persona? That is, can we customize our preview to show what a prospective customer would see on the web page, dependent on their user profile, device, and geo-location?
  • Is the content accessible as a JCR or WebDAV repository?
  • Can all the functionality shown in the demo be accessed via an API that is available to us?
  • Can the content itself be accessed by an API?
  • What type of API is used?
  • What is the security setup?  Can the access controls come from LDAP?
  • If we change a friendly URL, does the system update all references to it and provide redirects to the old URL?
  • Can we preview the state of scheduled content for a particular date and time?
  • Does the product provide a broken-link checker?
  • Does the system support nested components?
  • Can we import an entire repository of URLs over a content delivery network?