I would like to apologize for a recent oversight in Ars Logica’s Consolidated Vendor Scorecard from the Compass Guides to Component Content Management Systems, dated October 11, 2019. In the Scorecard, I neglected to include Ars Logica’s standard usage disclaimer, which has been included in every Compass Guide we’ve ever published. Here is the disclaimer:

“All content copyrighted by Ars Logica. You are permitted to use this report solely for your own personal use or your organization’s internal use.  You agree to honor the Ars Logica copyright by not distributing this report without Ars Logica’s express written permission. All statements and analysis are based on Ars Logica’s experience and opinion.  Readers assume all responsibility and liability for their usage of this report, and further agree that Ars Logica shall not be liable under any circumstances for any result of their, or anyone else’s, usage of this report.  All information is provided on an ‘As Is’ basis, and Ars Logica makes no warranties, express or implied, relating thereto.”

Including disclaimers such as this one in research reports is standard practice among analyst firms. While it would be clear to me as a reader of any analyst research that its content was the opinion of the author, disclaimers stating so explicitly should always accompany the research.  My apologies for neglecting to include the disclaimer this time.  I just discovered the omission yesterday.

That being said, Ars Logica has made every possible effort to ensure that readers of this report to date are now – or will shortly be – in possession of the disclaimer statement. To start, there have only been two sources for obtaining the Scorecard, namely the two software vendors who licensed distribution rights. One of those vendors made the complete Compass Guide to Component Content Management Systems on its CCMS platform available as a single download which included the Scorecard. So readers of the Scorecard from that source have always had the disclaimer at the bottom of Page 2 of their downloads. All the same, the vendor has – at Ars Logica’s request – inserted the disclaimer a second time at the beginning of the Scorecard itself, which starts on Page 14 of the download. This updated version is what the technology vendor now offers for download as of this morning.

The second source made downloads of the complete Compass Guide to Component Content Management Systems on its CCMS platform and the Consolidated Vendor Scorecard available as separate documents. That vendor – again at Ars Logica’s request – has also agreed to insert the disclaimer statement on the front of the Scorecard, and their web team is making this change to the download on their website as I write this apology. As stated above, the other download (the complete Compass Guide to Component Content Management Systems on the vendor’s CCMS platform) has always included the disclaimer.

Again, my apologies, and thanks for understanding.

[December 9, 2019, Update: The second software vendor has now confirmed they have sent via e-mail an updated version of the Scorecard which includes the disclaimer to those people who previously downloaded the version without it.]