Ars Logica, Inc.
30 Newbury Street
Third Floor
Boston, MA 02116
Phone: (617) 943-5611



Ars Logica is a high-touch consulting and advisory firm based in Boston.  Though we cover fast-paced markets and disruptive technologies, we know that the best way to serve our clients is through real-time, face-to-face conversations about specific problems and goals.


Analyst Anytime Service

To address clients’ technology and business-process questions and problems that arise throughout the year, Ars Logica offers unlimited direct analyst access through its Analyst Anytime advisory services.  These annual, subscription-based services provide guidance by phone or email within 24 hours on a wide range of issues.  The number of inquiries submitted throughout the year is not limited.


CMS, CXM, and DAM Consulting

In order to gain a comprehensive understanding of clients’ technology requirements and to assist them in expanding or refining them, Ars Logica usually begins engagements by spending anywhere between several days and several weeks meeting with members of clients’ line-of-business (marketing, sales, legal, editorial, human resources) and technical (IT) teams. During this time, we review the state of past, current, and planned content-management initiatives.  Ars Logica also guides clients through an exhaustive set of interviews designed to establish the exact boundaries around an ideal technology solution.  Our projects then normally progress through six additional phases, which include:

  • Needs analysis
  • Creation of a master requirements document
  • Mapping requirements to potential solutions
  • Submission of requirements to vendors
  • Vendor response analysis
  • Recommendation of suitable solutions

Ars Logica maintains a continuously updated comprehensive matrix of the feature-functionality of most WCM, CXM, and DAM vendors’ products and solutions.  We also receive frequent briefings from these vendors and have in-depth conversations and consulting engagements with their customers, ensuring that we always understand the actual state of vendors’ offerings as well as their forward-looking strategic directions.


Digital Experience Engagements

Ars Logica’s expertise in technologies such as digital asset management, marketing automation, search, and portals, gives us the open-ended ability to help clients on a wide range of projects, including:

  • Building internal business cases
  • Assessing technology and software requirements
  • Analyzing products and vendors
  • Selecting and assembling software solutions
  • Crafting Web strategies
  • Running corporate educational seminars


Services for Vendors

Ars Logica also assists vendors in developing product roadmaps, marketing strategy, and product launch plans.  We present our views on technologies and markets at industry conferences and end-user events.


Custom Engagements

The descriptions above represent only a small sample of the kinds of services we deliver.  If your project requires expertise on any of the technologies involved in managing digital experiences, Ars Logica can help.